Production Process Asst. Manager

We are looking for an experienced Production Process Assistant Manager from an Engineering manufacturing industry background to help us in our ERP Software Development initiatives for manufacturing units, particularly in the engineering segment. 

The following roles & responsibilities shall form part of your job profile:


ERP Implementation Assistance:

  • Prepare a master list of documents, which a manufacturing company typically uses to run their entire business. These would include documents formats, forms & various kinds of reports required by the management, all internal departments, client-facing documents, vendor-related documents or the documents to be submitted to various Govt. departments.
  • Working with clients to collect all the above document formats with sample data, so that our implementation team can evaluate their ERP scope & customization requirements.
  • Coordinating with client for creating of master data in the format provided by us so that they can fill in valid data in an Excel sheet for all their departments.
  • Coordinating with our technical team for the client’s master data porting into the ERP system.
  • Practice master data porting methods for future implementation & client training.
  • Study the entire business process of the customer, document the same and tally it with our ERP software to find out the gaps, which need to be met, either by customizing the ERP software or by developing new features & modules. (Gap analysis).
  • Specifically note down all the pains and challenges of the client (department-wise) so that an optimum solution can be rolled out.
  • Assist the actual implementation of the ERP at the client locations.
  • Carrying out user training of various department users of the client, once the ERP is implemented so that they become familiar on how to use the ERP system for their working.
  • Coordinate with the development team for forms creation, forms customization, reports creation & reports customization.
  • Coordination with the client on support issues.

ERP Development Assistance:

  • Check open source ERP software and their features so that our development team can identify a suitable software company to partner with.
  • Verify that the features of the new software comply with the feature list that we have already internally prepared.
  • Help the technology team in development of new modules & features by giving you inputs and suggestions on the scope and performance of the feature to be added.
  • Create a module feature document so that the development team can refer to it during their development process.


Sales & Marketing Assistance:

  • Initial requirement evaluation meetings with the prospects based on leads generated by the marketing team & recording the same.
  • Shall accompany the sales team in initial meetings to understand the client’s business challenges so that the sales team can offer optimum ERP solution to them.
  • Shall assist the sales team in providing PPT presentations and live demo of the ERP software to the client.
  • Prepare the scope of ERP implementation based on the understanding of the prospect’s business, so that the sales team can give accurate cost and implementation timelines to the prospect in the quotations.
  • Prepare sample data for the ERP software so that it can carry some dummy records for showing to the prospective customers.
  • Prepare a list of most common challenges faced by manufacturing units in their various departments, and brief the sales team so that they can prepare their sales pitch accordingly. The ERP development team shall also use the same document to ensure that their solution can serve the customers in solving these pains.
  • Verify that the sales collateral material is accurate in specifying the ERP features.


Documentation Assistance:

  • Documentation shall be done for each of the above activities and at all levels.