RedAlkemi ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning Solution has been developed by putting in 20 years of technical and functional experience in various kinds of online technology platforms & study of industries operating at different scales of business.

The Cloud-based ERP software is highly scalable and can handle large volumes of data and real-time transactions effortlessly. The solution can be operated from any internet-connected device such as PC, Tablet or Mobile Phone, so generally, no additional or expensive hardware / software is required at the client’s end. The ERP solution is easily accessible & works on standard browsers such as Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on all devices.
The cloud infrastructure of RedAlkemi ERP is the heart of our ERP Application Development and Server Resource Provisioning for our clients. Therefore, we cannot compromise on its Security, Uptime, Reliability, Scalability or its Load- handling capacity. We have chosen the world’s best and most trusted data centers of Google to host our entire server infrastructure. Our well-qualified engineers watch it like a hawk and maintain the servers and the firewall round the clock.
Amongst other benefits, our Digital Infrastructure offers:

  1. 99.99% uptime guarantee. 
  2. Fully managed Firewall. 
  3. Multi-gigabit internet backbone.
  4. Multi-tiered Server Architecture & Full Redundancy for all Servers .
  5. 24x7 Security & Surveillance Management. 
  6. 24x7 OS Management, DB Management and Application Management .
  7. Comprehensive Network Attack Monitoring (CNAM). 
  8. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT). 
  9. Complete Threat Management for Secure Access & Anti-Malware. 
  10. Data encryption against unauthorized access. 
  11. Disaster recovery management.
  12. Daily, weekly, monthly, half-yearly & yearly full data backups.
  13. Data roll-back, restoration on request.

Our Multi-tiered Server Architecture not only ensures top-level security but also balances server loads for practically unlimited transactional loads. Prime components in our server architecture are: 

  • Front-end Web Server for User Access & Login
  • Fully managed Firewall. Infrastructure behind firewall - o Application Engine Server for running ERP Application                     
  • Compute Engine Server with Redis Cache Management Server for handling large number of simultaneous transaction loads
  • Load-balanced Cloud SQL Engine Server with Data Encryption o Cloud Storage on RAID-5, Multi-tiered NAS Data Storage for unlimited HDD space capability on demand
  • Fully Managed Global Load Balancing Engine – for US, Europe and AsiaPacific Regions
  • Unlimited Transactions & Unlimited Dataflow / Bandwidth

A reliable and robust digital infrastructure not only provisions you a high availability ERP Application that gives you peace of mind, but also allows our engineers & technical team to sleep peacefully at night. 

RedAlkemi ERP incorporates effective built-in business processes that meets most business expectations, and it can also be customized to the clients’ industry specific needs. RedAlkemi ERP provides end-to-end resource planning modules covering the Customer, the Organization (and all its employees) and the Supplier and all operations in between, right from Sales Orders, Raw Material procurement, Production Planning, Quality Control, Stores to final dispatch. A complete processes ensures logical closure of each business process & transactions relating to it. All the modules of the ERP are seamlessly integrated leading to easy adaptability and ease of operations.

Standardization of work-flow, avoidance of duplication of work, minimum data entry, accountability, user-friendly look and feel and easy operations are the main features of RedAlkemi ERP. Anxieties and expectations of small and medium enterprises have been thoroughly addressed. 

The implementation methodology adopted by RedAlkemi ERP ensures that the deployment of the ERP happens in minimum possible time, cost and transitional hassles. A well-researched and easy ERP Implementation Plan is enclosed in this proposal for your purview.