Implementation Process

RedAlkemi ERP Implementation Methodology

Right from need-assessment to going live, RedAlkemi ERP professionals collaborate with the enterprise to ensure the objective of implementation is fully met.
Complete support in enterprise-identifying pain areas, assistance in compiling a wish list, BPR, change management, benchmarking deliverables, data preparation, finalizing customization requirements, doing gap analysis, training and adoption is provided in structured and painless processes.

RedAlkemi ERP follows the following process to successfully implement its ERP Solution:

  • System Study / Gap Analysis: The activity is started during the sales process and goes on till successful go-live. A project plan is developed to achieve on-time successful delivery and adoption. Teams comprising of enterprise and RedAlkemi personnel are formed, time schedules finalized to identify current issues and potential solutions
  • Period Reviews: System of period reviews is developed for various stages of implementation & delivery and management information. All issues that may affect the time-line, are discussed threadbare and if required project plan is suitably fine-tuned keeping the ultimate objective intact.
  • Customization: Development of agreed customization requirements is carried out by domain experts, tested by experienced professionals and user participation is solicited in prototype sign-off.
  • BPR Assistance / Change Management: RedAlkemi functional experts collaborate with the enterprise to manage smooth BPR / Change Management. The experience of scores of successful implementation is shared with the enterprise to overcome any such implementation issues.
  • Data Capturing and Import: Assistance is provided in establishing a integrity of existing Master Data. Name conventions are established and maximum possible validated data is ported into the system.
  • Testing: Though the software is comprehensively tested by experienced and qualified professionals, users are encouraged to test the real-time environment with actual business scenarios.
  • Wet Rollout & Training: Depending upon the rollout strategy decided in the project plan, Big-Bang or Gradual Adoption, real-time environment is created and business processes are put to test. This acts as introduction / training / soft adoption / fine-tuning identifier.
  • Fine-Tuning: Customization: BPR is fine-tuned based on the inputs from Wet Roll out stage.
  • Go Live: Takes place on the pre-determined date.
  • Startup Hand-Holding Support: In the initial stages of Go-Live, RedAlkemi makes a complete set of involved personnel available to address issues, if any, that may come up ensuring complete user delight.
  • Ongoing Support: In the current dynamic business scenario and technological environment, enterprise needs to keep pace and fine-tune & upgrade its business processes. RedAlkemi provides support for the complete life cycle of ERP implementation.
  • Warranty: RedAlkemi warranties the enterprise that the software shall function bug-free for the lifetime of its usage by the enterprise.